Agriculture Faculty Vision,Mission and Overview:


The faculty of agriculture with the help of academic staff and available resources, in accordance with the needs and demands of the country, based on Islamic, national and academic principles provide professional manpower at the bachelor level for the development of the agricultural sector and creates an effective environment for the implementation of research programs.


The agriculture faculty as an academic and research institution provides professional staff and research programs with the help of master and doctor lecturers and advanced facilities in the field of agricultural economic and extension, horticulture, forestry and environmental science, agronomy, plant protection and animal husbandry.


The Faculty of Agriculture established in 1389 also started its activity with two departments agricultural economic and extension, forestry and environmental science in (1390), and Horticulture branch in (1392).  Department of Plant Protection and Department of Agriculture have been approved for the development of the Faculty of Agriculture. In the future, taking into account the needs, other departments will be proposed to the Ministry of Higher Education in coordination with the Department of University.

In the period of a decade, the Faculty of Agriculture has provided (674) professional staff to serve the society in various departments. In general, the teaching activities of the Faculty of Agriculture are supported by (24) staff members, with one administrative affairs of the teaching manager and his service work are carried out with the help of two service workers.  In the present situation, The Faculty of Agriculture has enough administrative and teaching facilities, and also the appropriate amount of land has been given according to the master plan of the university for the practical work of the students.  A garden has been built and a sufficient number of wild and ornamental plants and trees have been planted around the college, which play an important role in the greenness of the college.